This year’s English afternoons in 3a have covered the following topics: After learning more about Diwali and the Gingerbread Man, we made our own Christmas sparklers. Next, we focused on the United States of America: its regions, states and well-known cities and sights such as Mount Rushmore. When Donald Trump became president, we took this chance to find out more about other important presidents such as G. Washington, A. Lincoln, J.F. Kennedy and B. Obama. Another afternoon focused on the Gold Rush in California and Native American tribes. We even designed our own class totem pole! Also, we’ve done lots and lots of new experiments in Physics (we can even explain the Greenhouse Effect in English!) and have learnt lots of new English vocabulary in all the other subjects. And it’s still fun!



  Our hosts Jana and Felix




  I love my life
Jar of hearts
  Heal the world



English sketches

  At the doctor’s
Grandad’s birthday
  Pretty little liars



Maths project: What is the height of our school?


The 3aw has the answer to this question and they didn’t have to actually climb to the roof of the school to measure the height! Check out the following BBC report about their project and learn about the intercept theorem and how to use it in real life.








  Leonardo da Vinci
Christoph Columbus
  Maria Theresia



Religious education

  From Saul to Paul




  Sound of glass
pic gravity magnet
  smallest e-motor
  stable and unstable balances


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